Five Fashion Crazy Hairstyle Ideas (the summer scarf, so chic!)

With the arrival of summer, we have a desire to change our style, to throw out our working girl looks ... and to adopt a more offbeat look, more summer. The scarf, did you think about it? Retro or afro, country, hippie or casual: here are 5 trendy hairstyles, achievable in 5 minutes max!

Crazy Hairstyle Idea # 1: THE RETRO SCARF 

For who? Here is a look that will go perfectly to all those who have thick bangs, long hair, or medium length.
How to use: Start by making a high ponytail, or a raised bun. Find a silk or satin scarf with baroque patterns. Place it around your neck and adjust it to have the same length on one side and the other. Take both ends of the scarf and make a small bow tie at the top of the head, slightly to the side. Refresh your bangs and voilĂ !
The result: An express hairstyle for a trendy, assertive and a very feminine look.

Beauty tip: The ears must be well clear!

Crazy Hairstyle Idea # 2: THE AFRO SCARF

You certainly have in your trunk a pretty summer sarong. And if this year, instead of using it around the waist, you wrap your head?
For who? Perfect for those with curly or curly hair, indomitable some mornings. Suitable for short, long or medium length hair.
How to use: Tie your hair to facilitate the installation of the sarong. Crease the scarf in its length and place it around your neck so that you get the same length on both sides. Lower your head, then cross (tightly!) Both ends of the sarong at the top of your skull. Straighten your head and tie the ends of the sarong behind, at the bottom of the skull. Slip the ends of the sarong protruding inside, and loosen your hair.

The result: An African style look, with a very summery tone.

Beauty advice: Choose a pareo scarf of 1 m 50 about 50 cm.

Crazy Hairstyle Idea # 3: THE COUNTRY SCARF

This is a style for everyone, from 7 to 77 years, and ready in 1 minute top Chrono. What's needed? A grandmother's scarf, the bandana of our 15 years or a square Hermes!
For who? Ideal on short or long squares.
How to use: Fold your scarf in half to obtain a triangle. Tie your hair with a pair of pliers while you put on your scarf. Place the longest side of the triangle on the top of your forehead, then tie both ends behind, on your neck (make sure to tie the knot under the claw holding your hair). Detach your hair and it's ready!

The result: A mischievous and natural look, perfect for lazy afternoons.

Crazy Hairstyle Idea # 4: THE HIPPIE SCARF

For whom: Ideal on medium and long hair.
How to use: Start by making a stripe in the middle, then brush your hair so that they are smooth. Choose a scarf of about one meter (Liberty fabrics are particularly suitable for this, and they are also very trendy!) And place it on the top of your head so that it covers a small part of your forehead. Then tie it behind, but on the hair. Finally, let hang both ends of the scarf.
The result: A very Woodstock look that is coming back!

Beauty tip: Choose a scarf about 1m by 20cm.

Crazy Hairstyle Idea # 5: THE CASUAL SCARF

We see it in all women's magazines, it finds its success in town and on the beach: the triband band (three strips of fabric gathered in one at the nape of the neck). Therapeutic and casual, he wears beautifully on a hair in battle or dried after a swim.
For whom? Can be worn on short, long or medium hair.
How to use: Just slide the band triband on your hair like a headband and adjust the distances between the bands.

The result: Easy, sexy, and relaxed ... All we need for this summer!

 In addition to being pretty, your headdress in scarf mode will protect you effectively from the sun! To use without moderation!
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