When do Babies Crawl

In general, babies crawl before they start to walk, between six and 10 months. 

However, not all babies are comfortable crawling and some skip this stage outright until they learn to walk.

To achieve crawling, the little one must learn to control his balance, to coordinate his hands and feet, and to strengthen the muscles of his legs so that he can later learn to walk. You should not worry if your baby does not crawl in a conventional way at this stage, as some little ones develop their own crawling techniques. : moving seated, bending their legs to slide the buttocks, sliding their tummy with the help of their limbs, etc.

Before starting to crawl, the baby must have learned to sit up without support. You must keep your head up to see around you, and strengthen the muscles in your arms, legs, and back, which are what will allow you to get on all fours. The little one gradually learns to move from sitting to crawling. In general, when babies are very old, they crawl perfectly. Then all they have left is to learn to walk. It is something that they learn progressively and that each child develops at a certain point (some begin to walk earlier than others).

How can I encourage him to crawl

The best way to encourage a child to crawl is to place his favorite toys in front of and away from him so that he can look for them. You can also place small obstacles in his path, such as pillows so that he can only figure out how to avoid them. Avoid leaving her alone, as she may need your help.

Make sure to choose a safe place for him to crawl freely. You should pay close attention if there are stairs nearby and cover sockets where she can put her little fingers. You should also watch with the plants, the doors, the open windows, and all those objects within reach that could be dangerous for the little one. 

When should I be concerned

EveryYour child develops his skills at different times, but if your little one shows no signs of mobility at six months (such as rolling over or leaning on his forearms), you should see your pediatrician. In any case, you should never force the baby to crawl, much less scold children badly for not reaching developmental milestones in the time considered "normal."

A game that helps you crawl

We propose a game to promote the stimulation of movement and crawling of the baby. You will have fun and gain self-esteem and confidence.

Age: Six months or more.

Material: Toys and various objects.

Where: At home.

Activity: Crawling

Objective: Exercise the muscles of the arms and legs, enhance the sense of touch and sight.

Driven by their instinctual curiosity, the little ones crawl around the house in search of new things to discover. To satisfy your child's desire to "reach and touch", distribute many different objects along their path, as long as they meet all the safety requirements (Unbreakable, without removable or sharp parts and harmless if they are brought to the mouth. In this way, you can stimulate their crawling in a very fun way. The objects can be of many colors, soft and pleasant to the touch, sound, hidden inside from a box, or packaged. Then let the child touch, move, and throw all the objects freely. Although at first, his attention will focus on the closest object, little by little, he will try to reach the furthest objects as well.

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