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Let me introduce you to the Company Tirus LTD.

TIRUS LTD is a new revolutionary company specialized in high technology in informatics and communication, high-return investments with cryptocurrencies and profitable real estate made its entry into the international market in 2016. This company opens its Capital and allows us for an entry license of $ 10 to generate exponential gains ranging from 30 to over 72000$

In front of this amazing potential, on hand for the simple price of a pizza, it would be really crazy to deprive yourself of it... The only thing that will ever come out of your pocket is the sum of $10.

And the only job you need is to tell two people... who will become your good Partners.

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If success is cheap, everyone would have been successful if the road to success was straight many would have been enjoying success long ago. But am sorry, it's not! If you are expecting your dreams to come through cheaply, then you need a change of mind

  • Success is not for people who give up easily
  • it's not for lazy people
  • it's not for people who give excuses

Success comes to men who are dedicated, committed, and ready to give their dreams all it takes to be fulfilled. 

So I ask again, what manner of person are you? 

Someone who gives up easily? Or someone ready to fight through the bad day to earn the days? Think about it!

We are talking about the dream project, the Future project.

In the time of Corona , several companies lost the battle

But working on the Internet remained steadfast

This Life-Changing Opportunity will completely Change your Financial Future.


Your one and only investment will be 

Official Video from

TIRUS.LTD Complete Bussines Plan

TIRUS.LTD Plan in Hindi/Urdu

Turn *$10* into *$72000* with TIRUS launch in Russia Running Worldwide....

*TIRUS.LTD* is a legit Russian company fully registered. Also registered in Switzerland to meet global requirements .



(Easy package)

Every Ring have 4 Positions

All Positions are Auto filled By Direct Referral, Team Referrals and Cross Line Referral in every Ring

Ring1 $10 Get $30

Ring2 $30 Get $90

Ring3 $50 Get $150

Ring4 $150 Get $450

Ring5 $300 Get $900

Ring6 $900 Get $2700

Ring7 $1500 Get $4500

Ring8 $4500 Get $13500

Ring9 $9000 Get $27000

Ring10 $27000 Get $81000

*Withdrawal able Income*

Ring First Next to UL

Round. Round

Ring2. 30$. 80$

Ring4. 100$. 400$

Ring6. 900$. 2400$

Ring8. 3000$. 12000$

Ring10. 72000$. 72000$

Next to UL Round means when any Even Ring completed your Odd ring again activated to unlimited Rounds

Above Income is only from Easy package of 10$

Referral bonus

Level1. 3%

Level2. 2%

Level3. 2%

Level4. 1%

Level5. 1%

Only 10$ yours return millions of income

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Withdrawal Income MIN 5$ by Only in Perfect Money

Open Perfect Money Account for Withdrawl from TIRUS Ltd

In Case of any Detail or even Complete Detail

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$900 Live Withdrawal and Earning Potential POWER OR TIRUS

POWER OF TIRUS 800 Dollars Live withdrawal Proof$

Tirus Payment Proof

TIRUS EASY License Payout Chart

TIRUS Payout Chart Shows the Income from Every Ring and Renetry Ring Movement Payout Structure

FAST MONEY Payout Chart



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