Tips For Creating Ideal & Best Breakfast

Coffee, chocolates, toast, rusks, fruit, cake ... What does the ideal breakfast consist of? Our advice to make your breakfast the right starter for a day full of vitality. 

The worst breakfast is not having it. At the other extreme, the ideal is the duo of proteins and slow sugars. For example eggs + white beans (like the Irish), fish + bread (typically Nordic), ham + wholemeal bread, etc. Fresh cheese toast is also a good alternative, as is oatmeal with milk. As a drink, a large cup of tea nature. Do not abuse your insulin in the morning: avoid breakfast too rich in sugar, typically Western. For example corn flakes, chocolate milk, orange juice or white bread with jam, coffee with milk, and grapefruit juice. This surge of sugar can only lead to great cravings in the morning and disrupt your pancreas, paving the way for pre-diabetes and then diabetes.


Good idea! Provided that there is not too much fat in the pan. Scrambled eggs with ham, onions, and mushrooms are delicious and slim. A study published in "Experimental Biology" concludes that starting the day with eggs helps control your weight and reduce your waistline. A few diced ham reinforce the protein intake. As for the cholesterol of the yolk, it is not a problem (do not exceed 3 to 5 eggs / week), and would even help to build muscle.


Certainly not! Moreover, eliminate the word "forbidden" from your slimming vocabulary. the chocolate has undeniable anti-stress virtues. As long as you are able to eat little of it (two or three squares), it does not threaten your waistline. On the contrary, it helps keep you going if you follow new eating rules, and is a great food security blanket if life is rough on you. In addition, it has a good amount of fiber (as much as wholemeal bread ...), antioxidant polyphones (much more than tea), and its glycemic index is very low. Chocolate mousse is a dessert recommended by all GI diet experts. It is the ultimate pleasure of food. Better to eat three squares of dark chocolate than to get frustrated and end up cracking the whole bar two days later.

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