5 best ways to earn money online

Are you wondering how to start earning money online working from your own home? On this page, you will find the best ways to earn money online that we have reviewed. 

The ways to earn money range from the easiest to a bit more difficult, so there is something for everyone.

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Let's start ...

There are hundreds of ways to make money online, but there is a problem ... Most of them are ways you will never earn or get a dime or your business will go out of business.

But there are ways to earn money online that will allow you to earn real money ... We tested the top 5 ways to earn money online:

The methods of earning money on the Internet that I have chosen give you a chance to make real profits. Anyone can use them, regardless of age and education. All you need is a computer or smartphone, internet access, some time and will. 

So ... let's get started!

1. Earning money by completing surveys - For beginners

These are websites that allow you to earn, among other things, by reading advertising e-mails, clicking on links, filling out surveys, playing selected online games and shopping in specified stores. Registration on these types of sites is free. The main advantages of using a loyalty programs are:

  • easy-to-perform tasks (the user does not need to have specialized knowledge);
  • work at a time of your choice - 5-30 minutes a day is enough;
  • You can register with several companies and increase your profits;

There are many loyalty programs on the web. You can just search the best program of your choice and start earning real bucks.

2. Work as a freelancer - For the more advanced

Freelancers (freelancers) work without a permanent job. When you work as a freelancer, you usually specialize in one specific field and carry out projects on request. The most popular professions among freelancers are:

Copywriter - earns money by writing articles, blog entries, advertising texts, descriptions of products sold, and other types of content posted on websites. By earning as a copywriter, you can earn a handsome amount per month by this job style.

Computer Graphic - deals with the creation of both entire websites and their individual elements: banners, decorative elements, logos, advertising materials, etc. He most often uses CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Flash. You can also use the online courses offered. 

Programmer - programs various systems, games, utilities, CRMs, etc. Examples of programs: PHP and Java. You can learn courses e.g. on Youtube.com or in online courses.

Developers' earnings vary widely. A beginner programmer earns a good amount of monthly earning by developing. translator - if you know a foreign language well, you can try your hand as a translator (in most cases you do not need to be a sworn translator).

Photographer - receives orders on the basis of photos presented on special websites; she also creates photo reportages.

3. Earning on Cryptocurrencies

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about earning money on cryptocurrencies online. This is due to the fact that many people have earned cosmic money by investing in e.g. Bitcoin. Since the beginning of the year, the rate has increased by over 1000%.

I myself wrote on the Pracawsieci.net blog about Bitcoin in May 2017, when the Bitcoin price was $ 2,000. Thanks to this article, quite a few people bought Bitcoin and made almost 500%. However, it is worth considering the risk associated with this way of earning.

4. Monetizing your blog

You can earn money on the blog, among others, by placing advertisements, sponsored articles, cooperation with various types of online stores, obtaining bonuses and samples of advertising materials (e.g. a set of dishes to be tested).

How to start?

1. Come up with a topic

It's best if you write about something you know and care about, and at the same time - which is a kind of niche. There are plenty of blogs nowadays, a better chance of success is when you direct your blog to a specific target group.

2. Create a blog

You can use one of the many free blogger sites, or set up your own site (then you need a domain, hosting account, and website template). Read our guide - " Where and how to start a blog ", which will guide you step by step through the process of creating a blog.

3. Write, write, and write again!

Make min. one entry a day (the best bloggers quit their full-time jobs because they earn much more on the blog; earnings can reach even several - several thousand zlotys a month).

4. Let others find your blog!

Advertise your blog on other blogs, social media, and related sites. Then choose an affiliate program that will allow you to earn money blogging.

If you prefer to create video than content, you can choose to earn money online through Youtube:

Recently, it is more and more popular to create your own channels on Youtube.com. If you have any hobbies, passions, or idea for a channel, the service allows you to earn money thanks to the Google Adsense system.

How much can you earn on Youtube?

It is speculated that for every 100,000 views of our videos we earn about 52 USD-78. Added to this is the so-called collaboration with brands and product placement. Here, the rates start from 260 USD and end with tens of thousands of dollars (depending on the ranges).

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5. Own online store

The Internet offers a lot of opportunities when it comes to earning. Creating your own online store may be a good idea to make money online. A good store idea is required (you can dropshipping) and advertising funds. You can read more about starting an online store by searching for a useful topic online.

We invite you to discuss earning money online in the comments below. Share your way of working online. Please do not include ref links in the comments and advertise paid programs.

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